To reduce the economic and environmental costs of self-sustained communities.



Commitment to local community and the culture it sustains – we are deeply committed to
our economic and environmental mission and use it to shape everything we do.  Within the context of that mission, we strive to equalize the benefits and the burdens of self-sustained development and to reduce the social inequities that place a greater burden on people and communities earning lower incomes.


Passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity – we challenge ourselves to be
at the cutting edge of our field and take risks while resisting complacency.  By educating ourselves and sharing knowledge with others, we support continuous learning.  We continually improve our work by learning from all that we do to encourage local ownership; the formation of businesses that re-invest their profits in the community; businesses that take root in our community and do not pull out when times get tough.


Out of the box thinking, big result – we strive to change the world and do so by
setting ambitious goals with tangible results & forming strong partnerships to help accomplish these results.


Healthy work-life balance – we respect every member of our community and value each
person’s unique contributions.  Collectively we own our results and work together to overcome any barrier we face and share in our successes.